Our Friends are people just like you who join us in the fight against cancer by shopping, donating, and volunteering at the Cincinnati Discovery Shop…call the Discovery Shop Manager (891-8343) if you would like to add a testimonial to this page!


Dawn Pibb Hallmark| Anderson

Despite her name, Dawn Pib Hallmark runs a florist shop, not a card shop.  Covent Garden Florists started in Mt. Washington in 1975.  Dawn took over the award winning florists (now located on Salem Avenue on the west side of Anderson Township) when her mom died of cancer in 1998.  Dawn also lost a step-sister to cancer.

She became involved with the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop when she agreed to join its Business Advisory Council.  “I like that a group of like-minded people can get together and make a significant contribution,” Dawn says.  “There is a lot of power in the expertise and resources these people are bringing to this common goal of fighting cancer.”

Since joining the Business Advisory Council , Dawn has contributed by displaying Discovery Shop literature at Covent Garden, by spreading the word about this upscale resale shop through word of mouth, and by lending her retail expertise to the shop through Advisory Council meetings.  She recently created a beautiful wreath highlighting the different ribbons used to commemorate the battle against different forms of cancer–it is currently displayed in the front window of the store. 

Maureen Searcy, Bizarre Bazaar | Cincinnati

Bizarre Bazaar is an unusual store.  But then the owner, Maureen Searcy, is an unusual woman.  “I don’t really run it like a business,” Maureen says.  “We’ve got a little bit of everything here; decorative items, jewelry–you name it.  I guess we’re kind of like the Discovery Shop in that way.  I feel like if you give people lots of choices and styles, and an enjoyable atmosphere, you’ll be successful.”

As a member of the Discovery Shop’s Business Advisory Council, Maureen has been sharing new ideas and her sense of style with the Discovery Shop staff.  The Business Advisory Council is made up of local business owners and managers who lend their retail expertise to the Discovery Shop.  Her latest project is to approach local tennis organizations (her nephew is a pro at the Beechmont Racquet Club) with the idea of holding “donation days” where members bring items to donate to the Discovery Shop for resale.

“I’ve had lots of good friends and customers who have been struck by cancer,” Maureen says, “and I’ve wished I could do something to help them.  By helping the Discovery Shop raise money for the American Cancer Society, I’m doing something to find better ways to treat and cure cancer.  I don’t have a lot of free time, but that seems like a pretty worthwhile project.” 

Heidi Jark, Fifth Third Bank | Cincinnati

As Vice President in charge of Fifth Third Bank’s charitable giving, I know a lot of worthy charities. But I personally have a strong interest in fighting cancer. I am a cancer survivor, as is my sister , and two of my friends are currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. So when I want to clean out my closet, I take my donations to the American Cancer Society’s Discovery Shop. I know they specialize in turning upscale women’s clothing and accessories into funds for research, education, advocacy and service.Donating makes me feel good. The donations are even tax-deductible. And while I’m at the Discovery Shop, I like to look around for some bargains for myself. The quality is great—they have really nice clothes. It’s a fun place to shop; clean, well-organized, and I like talking to the volunteers. Most of their lives have been touched by cancer too.

Julie Isphording | Cincinnati

Julie Isphording’s inspirational Olympic participation has made her a very well-known Cincinnatian. Like so many of us, Julie’s family has been impacted by cancer, and she has this message for us: “Whenever I shop at the Discovery Shop I try to imagine, just for a second, that my small purchase can hopefully make a little difference in the life of one cancer patient. I know it’s a lofty thought, but hope is what makes things happen. Hope is that unexplainable strength of the human spirit. Hope gives us grace and courage and faith. Hope is the gift that the Discovery Shop gives back to me; and also shares back with the rest of our cancer community. And that’s why I shop there–to find hope in the midst of shoes, pants, skirts, books, and jewelry. The Discovery Shop has redefined shopping for me.”

Lois Horsley | Cincinnati

“In 2002 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and the literature from the American Cancer Society was a big help to me. A friend, who also had breast cancer, told me about the Discovery Shop, and I have been going there ever since. My family thinks of the Discovery Shop whenever we have anything nice to donate—I know whatever we donate will help people by helping the ACS fight cancer.I enjoy visiting, browsing, and shopping at the Discovery Shop—there is always a warm welcome from the volunteers and the Shop itself is as nice and neat as Macy’s. I’ve told all of my friends about the Shop, and what a good cause it supports, and several of them have become donors and shoppers too.”

Martha Seagram | Cincinnati

Martha Seagram talked to us while dropping off some donations at the shop the other day. Martha is a wardrobe consultant for a high-end women’s clothing line, so she knows clothes. She sees contributing to the Discovery Shop as a win-win-win situation. 1) It helps her reduce the clutter at her house 2) She feels good because she knows she’s helping people (including several friends who’ve battled cancer), and 3) She enjoys thinking about the pleasure shoppers will enjoy when they find the bargains she has donated. Martha also enjoys dealing with the volunteers at the shop. “They are always very gracious and grateful,” she says. “Donating to the Discovery Shop is a real “feel good” opportunity.”

Regina Russo, Anchor/Reporter Fox 19 News | Cincinnati

“ I was introduced to the Discovery Shop through a dear friend who had been volunteering there for years.” “When my husband and I moved into our new home with our newborn son, we wanted to give away all of the ‘stuff’ we couldn’t use but we knew someone else could. Just items we had accumulated between the two of us that we didn’t need anymore. I immediately thought of the Discovery Shop.” So the couch, coffee tables, dishes, pots and pans, curtains, clothes etc. etc. all of the things that brought us joy, and many memories we donated without hesitation. “ It felt good to know that someone fighting or living with this disease could get some comfort and help from our family even in this small way.”

Ron Hirth | Cincinnati

Ron Hirth thinks it’s ironic that he ended up as one of the Discovery Shop’s most valued volunteers. “It was 2006, and I had just gone through a couple of surgeries for Nodular Melanoma, when the Discovery Shop called looking for help in picking up furniture donations. I just couldn’t say no.” As the owner of Hercules Moving and Storage, a full-service moving company, Ron provides one of his trucks to pick up donations all over the city once a month. The furniture he brings in is a major fundraiser for the Shop, and that makes Ron feel good. “There are a lot of negative words but I think the “C-word” is the worst,” Ron says. “Getting cancer is absolutely devastating, and people need all the help they can get. There are a lot of people who don’t have a real strong support system backing them up. The American Cancer Society is not only helping find a cure, but it provides so many kinds of help to cancer sufferers and their families—it’s a real good cause. And since 100% of the Discovery Shop proceeds go toward that cause, I feel good about helping.”

Steve Phelan | Anderson Township

I lost my mother and my wife to cancer, and wanted to strike back at this disease that had robbed me of so much. Volunteering at the Discovery Shop gives me a chance to help the American Cancer Society support research that keeps other families from prematurely losing loved ones. I donate money too, but by donating my time, I feel like I’m a real part of the fight.

Virginia Lurie | Cincinnati

I live in Hyde Park, and could easily donate to someplace closer. But I really appreciate this way of helping the American Cancer Society. The Discovery Shop doesn’t waste its resources—it is staffed by volunteers, and 100% of the profits go to the fight against cancer. The Discovery Shop has lovely clothes, all organized by size and type. And some really nice household items too—decorative pieces and furniture. It’s an outstanding shop—the atmosphere is lovely; all the volunteers are very genuine and caring. One of my friends says “I’ve never been there without finding something I wanted.” I got my favorite denim blue jeans there, and two cotton turtleneck sweaters that I’m really fond of.”